La storia del Frantoio Oleario PAVONE - Trivento (CB)

The origins of the Pavone oil mill dates from the late 1800 when in the premises from the embankment below  Piazza Fontana was extracted the oil using ancient systems: the crushing of the olives was done in a mill operated by horse, the pressing with a large wooden press and the manual separation of oil from water after a natural settling.

In 1947 by Italo Pavone the oil mill had a real innovation process. Were introduced two presses operated by an  hydraulic pump;  a mill with two granite mullers and a centrifugal separator. A heating system powered with pomace produced hot water and the rooms heating by radiators.
In 1977 the management and operation of the milling plant turned to Rossella and Nicola Pavone that during two decades have gradually improved the technology and the production process becoming one of the first mills in Trivento area.
In 2000 they proceeded to complete renovation of three rooms and the introduction of sophisticated and automated machines, enhancing the traditional and typical features while improving the processing system.

The innovative process that the Pavone brothers have always strategically pursued in their business activities has seen a revolution in the company structure in 2008 with the creation of a new plant and an oil extraction plant with a continuous cycle system with a high-tech innovation.