The product

The product of the Pavone's Oil Mill - Trivento (CB)

So we start the trading of the extra virgin olive oil, obtained by the grinding of ancient and  local ecotypes, with our own brand and labelling and  with different types of packaging (bottles, cans, special sizes for restaurants, etc..) in order to satisfy customer needs and put the product in a targeted and high level market with the aim of promoting and enhancing this wealth typical and peculiar of the Trivento area.

The oil produced, strictly extracted from a mix of old varieties of olives belonging to the district of Trivento (“rosciola”, “gentile”, “olivone”, “oliva nera”), is characterized by the organoleptic and sensory properties attributable to the traditional oil with a pale yellow colour and fruity-ripe taste.

Concerning  the chemical parameters, laboratory tests have shown acidity (expressed as % of oleic acid) of 0.20% (limit value 0.80%) while the number of peroxides was equal to 7,65 (value limit 20).

The packaging