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The Pavone oil mill is located in Molise and it is managed by a family from Trivento, an ancient town in the province of Campobasso. In addition to the decades-long tradition the strength of the oil mill is due by its location. In fact, the Trivento area is full of olive trees that give to our products a high level quality and genuineness.

But the excellence should be found beyond its favorable geographical position, seen that the company was able to combine elements capable of distinguishing it: the structural, technological and organizational innovations match with the traditional procedures in the oil production using granite millstones, as history teaches us.

All the process is characterized by the continuous and meticulous observance of hygiene and health standards, essential prerogative for the quality exaltation of the product through methods and systems that ensure the traceability.

In this context, the Pavone oil mill has developed a control system that support the production cycle from delivery of raw materials to the finished product in order to guarantee to the customer the highest levels of quality.

Come riconoscere l'olio buono?

Piccola guida all'assaggio dell'olio extravergine d'oliva

L'olio buono ha un profumo che ricorda l'oliva fresca o la foglia dell'ulivo sfregata tra le mani. E' un odore fresco e piacevole, che gli assaggiatori esperti chiamano "fruttato di oliva".

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